Étiqueté : théorie critique

Appel à contributions : “Analyzing Social Wrongs”, Vienne, 14-16 mai 2015

How can we use philosophical analysis to criticize society or its structures? At first sight, it may not be clear whether the family of philosophical traditions commonly referred to as “analytic” philosophy is up to that task, given that, for example, the method of cases is supposed to achieve a reflective equilibrium of our theoretical commitments and our intuitions, whether of ‘the’ folk or experts. However, the very task of critical theory, as coined by Max Horkheimer, is to question what we accept as ‘given’, and our intuitions about the social world would seem to be a case in point. Yet, Horkheimer also argues that critical theory must live up to the academic standards of its time, which are—for better or worse—currently set by analytic philosophy, given its current hegemony within professional philosophy in the Western world. With these tentative observations on mind, it remains yet an open question how exactly to relate the methodological canon handed down by the different strands within analytic philosophy to the project of social critique.

Séminaire “Les conceptions contemporaines de la domination III”, 3e séance : Katia Genel, 7 janvier 2014, Paris Ouest

La prochaine séance du séminaire “Les conceptions contemporaines de la domination”, qui  se  poursuit  pour  cette  troisième  année,  accueillera Katia Genel. Elle donnera une conférence à propos de son livre Autorité et émancipation. Horkheimer et la Théorie critique.

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