Nouvelle parution : Foucault and the Modern International. Silences and Legacies for the Study of World Politics, par Philippe Bonditti, Didier Bigo et Frédéric Gros

This book addresses the possibilities of analyzing the modern international through the thought of Michel Foucault. The broad range of authors brought together in this volume question four of the most self-evident characteristics of our contemporary world-‘international’, ‘neoliberal’, ‘biopolitical’ and ‘global’- and thus fill significant gaps in both international and Foucault studies.
The chapters discuss what a Foucauldian perspective does or does not offer for understanding international phenomena while also questioning many appropriations of Foucault’s work.
This transdisciplinary volume will serve as a reference for both scholars and students of international relations, international political sociology, international political economy, political theory/philosophy and critical theory more generally.
Philippe Bonditti holds a doctorate in Political Science from Sciences Po Paris, France, and is currently Lecturer at the European School of Political and Social Science (ESPOL-UCL), France. Previously, he was Assistant Professor at the Institute of International Relations of the Pontificial Universidade Catholica in Rio de Janeiro (IRI/PUC-Rio), Brazil, and Postdoctoral Fellow at the Watson Institute, Brown University, US. His research interests focus on contemporary discourses on violence, war, and security, the transformations of the modern state and the art of government, (critical) International Relations theory, (critical) security studies, contemporary French philosophy, and political theory.

Didier Bigo is Associate Professor (tenure) at Sciences-Po, France and Professor of International Relations at Kings College London, UK. Bigo is Editor-in-Chief of the French quarterly journal Cultures & Conflits and launched, with R. B. J. Walker, the journal International Political Sociology. His research interests include security and liberty, biometrics identifiers and databases, antiterrorist policies in Europe after 9/11, the merging of internal security and external security, migrants and refugees in Europe, critical security studies, and international political sociology.

Frédéric Gros is Professor of Philosophy at Sciences Po Paris, France. His research focuses on contemporary French philosophy—in particular the thought of Michel Foucault, whose writings, such as Subjectivity and Truth, he has edited—the foundations of the right to punish, issues of war and security, and the ethics of the political subject.

Table des matières

1. Introduction : The International as an Object for Thought, by Philippe Bonditti…..Pages 1-12

2. The Figure of Foucault and the Field of International Relations, by Nicholas Onuf…..Pages 15-31
3. Michel Foucault and International Relations : Cannibal Relations, by Didier Bigo…..Pages 33-55
4. The Microphysics of Power Redux, by William Walters…..Pages 57-75
5. Political Spirituality: Parrhesia, Truth and Factical Finitude, by Michael Dillon…..Pages 79-96
6. Power as Sumbolon: Sovereignty, Governmentality and the International, by Mitchell Dean…..Pages 97-114
7. Foucault and Method, by Michael J. Shapiro…..Pages 115-134
8. Silencing Colonialism: Foucault and the International, by Marta Fernández…..Pages 137-153
9. Violence and the Modern International: An Archaeology of Terrorism, by Philippe Bonditti…..Pages 155-173
10. Foucault and the Historical Sociology of Globalization, by Jean-François Bayart…..Pages 175-188
11. On Liberalism: Limits, the Market and the Subject, by Frédéric Gros…..Pages 191-201
12. On Bureaucratic Formalization: The Reality-Like Fiction of Neoliberal Abstractions, by Béatrice Hibou…..Pages 203-218
13. Too-Late Liberalism: From Promised Prosperity to Permanent Austerity, by Laurence McFalls…..Pages 219-235
14. Biopolitics in the Twenty-First Century: The Malthus–Marx Debate and the Human Capital Issue, by Luca Paltrinieri…..Pages 239-259
15. Mesopolitics: Foucault, Environmental Governmentality and the History of the Anthropocene by  Ferhat Taylan…..Pages 261-273
16. The Word and the Things: An Archaeology of an Amnesic Notion, by Armand Mattelart…..Pages 277-294
17. Foucault and Geometrics, by Stuart Elden…..Pages 295-311

18. Conclusion: Which Foucault ? Which International ?, by R. B. J. Walker…..Pages 313-339

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Foucault and the Modern International. Silences and Legacies for the Study of World Politics, par Philippe Bonditti, Didier Bigo et Frédéric Gros
Palgrave MacMillan US
Paru en 2017
Hardcover ISBN 978-1-349-95098-0
eBook ISBN 978-1-137-56158-9
376 pages
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